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EcoRaider Bed Bug Killer

Still using synthetic pesticides on bed bugs?
Bed bugs hide in the places that touch our skin every day, like sheets, mattresses and couches. Spraying in those areas with synthetic chemical pesticides is “undesirable as the room must be suitably ventilated, sufficient time must be given after application before the mattress can be used again and there is a risk of the user having an allergic reaction to the chemicals, not to mention other possible health risks including cancer and acute neurotoxicity" (Handbook of Pesticide Toxicology, 2001).

Why would EcoRaider, an herbal based formula, kill bed bugs?
The core ingredients. Plants evolve the ability to generate insecticidal compounds that help them defend against a wide variety of predators such as pests and fungi. Certain compounds in these extracts from these plants can inhibit and further cut off a special nerve-muscle connector that only exists in insects. This type of "herbal attack” causes fatal paralysis in insects.

Most common synthetic chemical pesticides attack a sodium channel of the nerve system that is common in both insects and animals. That means a pesticide containing synthetic chemicals can be toxic to both insects and humans. EcoRaider, on the other hand, only targets bugs with its 100% herbal formula without harmful effects on humans or animals.

The delivery system.
What also makes EcoRaider unique is its micronized high penetration delivery system that can easily get through the insect skeleton and even the egg shell. Natural active ingredients with special insecticidal power are encapsulated in micro-scale particles by means of a scientifically formulated emulsion system which consists of bio-friendly surfactants and synergists derived from natural sources. The delivery system acts as a booster rocket that carries the active ingredients into the insect's body and lets it attack from the inside. Therefore even the slightest amount of contact with EcoRaider is lethal to a bed bug.

16oz Bottle

1 pint Sprayer