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Sleeptight 1500 sd

PCS Heat - Insect Inferno bed bug heat trailerPCS Heat - heated insect and bed bug eliminating system, economical trailer

         Sleeptight 1500SD     with Fresh Air Module   $7495                    2 Tank Storage Cart $780

The sleeptight 1500SD Advantages
• No harmful chemicals
• One fast treatment
• Kills all stages of Bed Bugs-Eggs, Nymph and Adult
• Immediate occupancy after treatment
• Standard 110/120 VAC
• Single power circuit-Low current draw
• High heat capacity
• High mobility, compact design
• Only 3 components

  The sleeptight 1500 Series heaters utilize the same proven burner technology found in millions of residential gas furnaces around the world. This technology provides high heat capacity to quickly treat the infested area. The systems have built-in temperature, airflow, and flame monitoring. Continuous Carbon Monoxide monitoring provides fast system shut down in the event of elevated CO levels in the treatment area.

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